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Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunting in Texas

Still Waters Ranch offers two ways to hunt trophy deer, a season long individual lease membership program or a four-day hunt package. Both programs are designed to allow you the opportunity to take a GREAT TROPHY at a GREAT PRICE. Still Waters Ranch has a very high concentration of trophy animals since we have had no commercial hunting on the property for the last 20 + years and have continuously stocked the ranch with trophy class genetics. We have provided first class hunting blinds, feeders, and deer feed as well and set the stage for a great opportunity to produce outstanding trophy animals. You will have the experience to hunt without a crowd since only your group of up to five hunters will have the exclusive use while hunting in 2019 on our ranch. This is not a guaranteed hunt but you will have an excellent chance to take a magnificent trophy of your liking and quite possibly see several bucks each day.

Individual Hunting Lease Membership

Individual Hunting Lease Membership

This $10,000 Individual Hunting Lease Membership entitles you to take any buck on the ranch up to 360" SCI as well as to have full privileges and access to the ranch throughout the hunting season to take your trophy.  Any buck taken that exceeds 360" SCI will incur an addition charge of $100 per inch SCI. This membership includes both the use of the hunters lodge and the facilities detailed below.

Members can not only take a trophy buck but also be entitled to take one untagged doe and one Rio Grande turkey, as well as unlimited doves, ducks, coyotes, hogs, and specific varmints. A September, 2019, game survey revealed more than 20 bucks in excess of 200” SCI with several over 250” SCI. Meals are included for the first four days of your hunt each season. Additional meals can be arranged or you may do your own. All other ranch facilities are available including the picnic pavilion with fireplace for after hunt gatherings. Also, the billiard building with card table and bar area are a great place to relive the days activities and events. You may also want to enjoy the pool and hot tub to rest, relax, and recuperate from the hunt while visiting with fellow hunters.

Also included in your membership:

Also included in your membership:

Use of the Hunter’s Lodge(seen on www.VRBO.com/129442) also includes the kitchen facilities and common areas.  The Bar, Card Table, and Billiard Building, the Outdoor Dining Pavilion with Gas Grill and Fireplace, and the Game Cleaning Station are all  available to the hunters. Overnight Lodging as well as hunting dates are done on a reservations basis. 

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4 Day/3 Night Hunt Package: $3000

4 Day/3 Night Hunt Package: $3000

This is a four-day, three-night hunt for a buck up to 150” SCI priced at $3000. Hunters will stay at the hunters lodge, a four-bedroom ranch house on the property.  All hunts will start with arrival on Thursday and end on Sunday. A Sunday evening hunt is possible with departure on Monday morning. All meals and guide service is provided. All ranch facilities are available for your use.
This hunt package entitles you to take any bigger buck over two years and pay according to the following schedule:

                                                                   SCI Score                                   Trophy Fee

                                                                  Up to 150                                      $0

                                                                  151 to 180                                     $1500

                                                                  181 to 220                                     $3500

                                                                  221 to 260                                     $5500

                                                                  261 to 320                                     $7500

                                                                  321 to 360                                     $9500               

The $3000 hunt fee is due 14 days prior to your arrival at the ranch. Th additional hunt fee for deer over 150" SCI is due at the end of your hunt before departing Still Waters Ranch.

Hunting Add-Ons

Hunting Add-Ons

For an additional fee, the following may be arranged:

  • Game Processing and Transportation of your animal to Taxidermist/Meat Processor
  • Nights at the Hunt Lodge with Family and other Non-hunting Guests
  • Transportation to/from San Antonio International Airport

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Fees and Schedule:

A deposit of $1500 is required to secure your reservation or membership. The total fee is due 14 days prior to the start of your hunt. Cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee equal to the deposit.  Still Waters Ranch accepts Cash, Checks and all Major Credit Cards.  Gratuities are at the discretion of the guest if the service earns it.

Returning hunters will have preference in booking for next year.